Floral Remembrances, Special Days

There may be other times of the year when you would like to have flowers placed to commemorate special days, birthdays, and anniversaries. We offer the following which we can provide at any time of the year. The prices include tax and placing on the graves. If you have a request for another type of bouquet or plant, please call our office for prices and availability. You may use this order form to order decorations for up to a year in advance and be assured your order will be placed on the dates you have selected.
We do reserve the right to substitute a comparable variety of potted plant if for some reason we cannot obtain chrysanthemums, or if another variety of plant is more in keeping with the season of year. (An example would be an Easter lily for Easter). 
As always, you may order from a wider selection of decorations specifically for Memorial Day and for Christmas by using the other order forms.  

Cut Flower Bouquet - $12.64

Mum Plant - $20.81

Easter silk-like floral arrangement - $24.14

total = $

Payments will be processed through Chippiannock Cemetery
If you are paying by check no need to fill out the form.
Please print and fill out this invoice and mail it with your check.

Easter silk-like floral arrangement