The following prices are for above ground disposition.  Above ground disposition does not require the purchase of an outer burial container.  Above ground disposition is also subject to surcharges depending on the circumstances surrounding the disposition including, but not limited to the day and time of day.   

Calvary Mausoleum

Crypt Prices (range of prices)                                            

Family Alcove  -  $66,800.00

The Family Alcove is a private gated area of the mausoleum featuring a mural and eight couch crypts with oversize bronze memorial name plaques.  A key is required for entry to the alcove area.

Includes the crypt and bronze name plaque.

Entombment fee  -  Monday through Friday  -  No charge.



Service entering cemetery Monday through Friday after 3:30 p.m.

Each Half Hour  -  Add $150.00

Saturday service entering cemetery before 12:00 noon  -  Add $200.00

Second Interment Right  -  Add $350.00

Use of a crypt or niche for more than one inurnment will require the purchase of a Second Interment Right, with an additional cost of $350.


Calvary Family Alcove

Calvary Mausoleum

Calvary Mausoleum

Calvary Mausoleum Plaque

Calvary Mausoleum Plaque

 Calvary Mausoleum Plaque