Funeral Etiquette

We offer the following guidelines regarding your trip to the cemetery for the committal prayers after the funeral service has concluded.

  1. Make an effort to dress appropriately. Attire you would normally wear to a nightclub may not be appropriate for a funeral. The same goes for clothing you normally wear to a picnic may not be appropriate for a funeral service. Though it does not come under etiquette, you might give some thought to how your choice of footwear will work on the cemetery lawn. A practical choice of footwear should be more functional than fashionable. On the practical side of things, bring along an umbrella if it looks like rain.
  2. The cemetery is a place of natural beauty and peace. Please turn down the volume of your vehicle’s audio system before and during your visit to a cemetery.
  3. Please turn off the ringer on your phone or set your ringer to silent until after you return to your automobile. It is always impolite to answer your phone during a funeral or committal service.
  4. If you feel the need to take photos at or during the cemetery committal, please ask the family for their permission first.
  5. If you bring children to the cemetery, you must supervise their conduct, and for their safety do not allow them to climb on memorials or funeral devices or equipment.
  6. If you arrive at the cemetery before the funeral procession arrives, do not park near the burial location as you may block the procession route to the grave. Rather, park near to the cemetery entrance and wait until the procession arrives and join in after the last car.
  7. If you arrive to visit your cemetery lot at the same time a funeral service is being conducted in the same general area, please return for your visit at another time. If you cannot return later and if you have brought flowers, you can leave the flowers at the office and the cemetery staff will place the flowers for you after the conclusion of the funeral service.


Everyone will appreciate your thoughtful actions at the time of the loss of a loved one.